In the eye of the storm (well, almost)
The last day of the fieldschool. It was on a stormy day that we ventured through the Baltic Sea. We arrived at our diving boat and started to deploy our first divers. After fighting against heavy currents our divers managed to reach the wreck and started working. Sadly after a […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 18

The Bussard, diving vessel No2 with the "BOW Team"
Tuesday marked the day Jens returned to the action. After a lot of catching up on post processing on Monday and a lecture on how disorganized our rooms looked we were ready to get back into the water on Tuesday. On arrival on the Nordwind we found that our captain […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 16

Woke up to the tip-tapping of rain on the tent, but before we could even think about the day to come, the sun was already out and hot, like a baked potato. I gave my briefing of the things to come while everyone ate their Master-choco cereal and tried to […]

Fieldschool Day 7

Another sunny day in Prerow, Germany, started at 7 am with breakfast and briefing of the upcoming day. The aim of the day was to tag the rest of the wreck’s timbers, identify the tags on the drawings that were made the previous days and to make a few corrections […]

Fieldschool Day 6

A thunder and lightning storm woke everybody in their tents at 04’42 and we presumed the worst but it was not to be. After a large amount of heavy rain it cleared up and it became a beautiful day. First up for diving were Jens and Andrew and they carried […]

Fieldschool Day 5

The day started off with a small amount of pessimism about the weather.  The wind never really died, but we were fortunate enough to not have any rain.  Our first dive was cut short due to multiple simultaneous calls of nature, but the remaining dives seemed to be having a […]

Fieldschool Day 4

Having the task today of being the site director I had planned an ambitious day of diving. The main task of the divers was to establish a recording grid and maybe start recording. With An early start I wanted to do four dive and if possible a fifth dive could […]

Fieldschool Day 3

Today we could proudly launch (well, christen on dry land) our new survey and dive boat, the MAPper. We are very grateful for the support from the Claus Sørensen Fond in Esbjerg, which allowed us to purchase the brand new Pioner Multi. We are looking forward to use in the […]

Christening the MAPper

SDU participation in HUMA project on Gotland

Diving on Gotland   Recently updated !

On 21 January, MAP students conducted an archaeological survey of the bank of the Kongeå, a small river near Gredstedbro on the Danish west coast. In 1945 workers had found parts of an iron age boat in the river, and while some pieces were lifted and taken to a local […]

Diving in Gredstedbro

A first one week underwater survey in Knudedyb took place in November 2007. It was carried out by Mikkel Thomsen from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde together with a team of MAP students and lecturers. The dive boat provided by the Viking Ship Museum was moored at Kammerslusen, a […]

Diving in Knudedyb

In August 2007, the area in Knudedyb in which the medieval ship timbers had been discovered was surveyed with a side scan sonar in order to locate the associated shipwreck. The survey was carried out by students and staff of the Maritime Archaeology Programme in conjunction with the Viking Ship […]

Geophysical survey in Knudedyb