Diver on the old/ new Bagenkop wreck
Undoubtedly one of the great advantages of studying Maritime Archaeology at the SDU is the possibility to develop and gain more experience from little projects alongside the main study programme. With exercising the practical activities, such as diving, measuring, making drawings underwater and dredging, comes the responsibility of planning and […]

Bagenkop – Episode Two – The missing clinker

Mooring the Nordwind
Once again the day started early and the conditions did not look very promising. The winds were against us and the sea very irregular. However, we managed to be on site one hour later than usual, but still, better one hour lost than the whole day. With Nordwind refusing to […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 10

Artefact photography in action
Today was yet another sunny day with winds in an unfavourable direction. This time, however, the plan was not another museum trip, but a day at the office. We had enough finds to process, and to start it all we had Amandine to tell us how to take care of […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 9

Norway Fieldschool 2011 from Maritime Archaeology Programme on Vimeo. A Movie by Edgar Wroblewski We’re home again, after three tiring, exciting weeks in Norway. Very soon we’ll begin processing all the data and producing our fieldwork report, but before that a little teaser in the form of Edgar’s Hollywood production- […]

Skjernøysund - Home Again

Another eight diving course graduates
To the next eight diving course graduates who successfully finished their course with the final exam today. Well done and keep up the good work! Watch this spot for more pictures and a blog about the course as well…

Congratulations again…

Resistivity survey results over google satellite image
  Resistivity survey results over google satellite image We had crawled out of the water and out of our dry suits. This time, armed with corers and high tech field survey equipment, we turned our eyes to a land based site. Our mission was to investigate the Iron Age settlement […]

How to turn resistance to your advantage

Two years of dreaming, seven months of master studies, five weeks of commercial diver training, and everything came to fruition dockside in the Schleswig harbour, Germany on Wednesday 16, 2011. The day started out as one of the most beautiful mornings of the year. Driving south with SDU’s archaeological dive […]

Schleswig harbour diver impressions

Last week, our freshly qualified divers participated in a one day diving project in Schleswig harbour. The aim was to conduct a survey of the recently dredged seabed and collect loose ship timbers which had been impacted by the dredger for the heritage authority of Schleswig Holstein. The German TV […]

Diving in Schleswig

Thank You letters from EIS
Two weeks ago, a group of students from Esbjerg International School visited the Maritime Archaeology Programme at the University of Southern Denmark to learn about maritime archaeology, diving - and last but not least the tough life of University students. A group of MAP students prepared a short programme including […]

A thanks for the thank you from Esbjerg International School

During the MAP Freshers Day treasure hunt
At the beginning of our first week at the MAP in Esbjerg, there was an introduction day filled with information, quizzes, plenty of beer and a barbecue. It all started in the auditorium where we got an overview of the Maritime Archaeology Programme. After that we were in the hands […]

Start of a new semester

I can add very little to the last post: So in the name of the Maritime Archaeology Programme, many thanks to all fieldschool participants, co-organisers and helpers!!!! Thanks to the Landesamt team: Martin Segschneider, Jan Fischer and Günther Stich for making this fieldschool possible and providing amazing support! We also […]

Hedvig Sophia Project