St George

Gun in 3D
Frederik Hyttel, one of the students here at the Maritime Archaeology Programme in Esbjerg won our “HMS St George gun modelling competition”…- well, or just delivered an incredibly detailed model… You can download his model of an iron 12 pounder lifted from the wreck of HMS St George below. Frederik’s […]

Guns in 3D

The day we were all going to know as St.George Rudder and the Cannons Day started very early, in fact way too early for most of the Maritime Archaeology students, but as dedicated students we sacrificed our sleep in (which never goes past 9:30 of course). After traveling north through […]

The St George Rudder and Cannons Day

In week 12 (16th – 10th March) the students of the Maritime Archaeology program partook on a survey week to learn more about different methods of recording. What was being recorded was the rudder that most probably belonged to the English ship of the line HMS St.George that went down […]

Recording the Rudder of HMS St. George