Diver on the old/ new Bagenkop wreck
Undoubtedly one of the great advantages of studying Maritime Archaeology at the SDU is the possibility to develop and gain more experience from little projects alongside the main study programme. With exercising the practical activities, such as diving, measuring, making drawings underwater and dredging, comes the responsibility of planning and […]

Bagenkop – Episode Two – The missing clinker

Norway Fieldschool 2011 from Maritime Archaeology Programme on Vimeo. A Movie by Edgar Wroblewski We’re home again, after three tiring, exciting weeks in Norway. Very soon we’ll begin processing all the data and producing our fieldwork report, but before that a little teaser in the form of Edgar’s Hollywood production- […]

Skjernøysund - Home Again

Resistivity survey results over google satellite image
  Resistivity survey results over google satellite image We had crawled out of the water and out of our dry suits. This time, armed with corers and high tech field survey equipment, we turned our eyes to a land based site. Our mission was to investigate the Iron Age settlement […]

How to turn resistance to your advantage

Empty plates and happy faces. Thanks to Slesvig Roklub!
The (supposedly) predicable weather was our theme for the day, as we delayed departure this morning in pursuit of favourable conditions. Luckily we were able to make it out and had divers in the water around midday, to continue the measurements and drawings for the bow and stern. Both teams […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 17

The Bussard, diving vessel No2 with the "BOW Team"
Tuesday marked the day Jens returned to the action. After a lot of catching up on post processing on Monday and a lecture on how disorganized our rooms looked we were ready to get back into the water on Tuesday. On arrival on the Nordwind we found that our captain […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 16

Night processing
After many days with a lot of interruptions caused by bad weather, injuries and a sidescan survey, this was one of the first days, where something like a routine could be established again. Even the rough sea conditions couldn`t prevent us from hopping into the water. The day turned out […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 15

Northern German summer...
Frisians, Vikings, and Diving… It has been a calmer day than my first attempt at being a site director.  We as a group decided that while a sonar survey of the wreck of the Prinsessan Hedvig Sophia is being conducted, the students and faculty would visit a site being excavated […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 11

Missunde sunrise
Sailing through the storm The Hedvig Sophia lies in Kiel Bay, an idyllic corner of the Baltic full of sailboats, off an undulating coast lined by grain fields and distant windmills. Instead of sailing with the wind, however, we must be relatively fixed over the shipwreck, which is exposed to […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 9 and 10

This summer MAP students had the unique opportunity to spend two weeks at the Vasa Museum, working on recording the Vasa’s orlop deck. After a sleepy drive from Esbjerg to Stockholm, we were met at the museum by Dr. Fred Hocker, the Director of Research. We were to stay on […]

Recording an orlop deck

As a result of SDU’s commitment to provide cutting edge training and education to its students, the Maritime Archaeology Programme held a weeklong intensive hands on training session with the FARO Arm in conjunction with the 2010 FARO Arm and Rhino Archaeological Users Group (FRAUG) meeting.  This cutting edge technology […]

Recording in 3D

The day we were all going to know as St.George Rudder and the Cannons Day started very early, in fact way too early for most of the Maritime Archaeology students, but as dedicated students we sacrificed our sleep in (which never goes past 9:30 of course). After traveling north through […]

The St George Rudder and Cannons Day