Diver on the old/ new Bagenkop wreck
Undoubtedly one of the great advantages of studying Maritime Archaeology at the SDU is the possibility to develop and gain more experience from little projects alongside the main study programme. With exercising the practical activities, such as diving, measuring, making drawings underwater and dredging, comes the responsibility of planning and […]

Bagenkop – Episode Two – The missing clinker   Recently updated !

Two years of dreaming, seven months of master studies, five weeks of commercial diver training, and everything came to fruition dockside in the Schleswig harbour, Germany on Wednesday 16, 2011. The day started out as one of the most beautiful mornings of the year. Driving south with SDU’s archaeological dive […]

Schleswig harbour diver impressions

Our new field-school report is out. Thanks again to all contributors and project participants!!! The report can either be viewed on issuu, or directly on our blog. A printed version will be available soon. Creating an issuu account is free of charge and all documents can be downloaded as pdf’s. […]

Esbjerg Maritime Archaeology Report 3 is out!

Empty plates and happy faces. Thanks to Slesvig Roklub!
The (supposedly) predicable weather was our theme for the day, as we delayed departure this morning in pursuit of favourable conditions. Luckily we were able to make it out and had divers in the water around midday, to continue the measurements and drawings for the bow and stern. Both teams […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 17

A sunny day on our "diving support vessel"
The day when everything went like a clockwork… When we arrived on site, the conditions were perfect: Sunshine and a gentle breeze. The main tasks on this day were completing the timber records at the bow and offset drawing of the visible structure. At the stern, divers started dredging after […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 12

Nordwind at anchor
The day that went awry….. This was not the best day. To start with, two of the three small boats were not available, due to small technical problems. But backup was available with the third and the two larger vessels, the Bussard and the Nordwind, so the rhythm of loading […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 8

Felix, our Mohawk diver, recording the bow section
After completing the first week of our field school, the routine has more or less settled in on both boats. So far, the different boats have kept the same diving teams that were set up the first day and everyone is getting more comfortable with their given tasks. However, as […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 7

Vasiliki on her first Hedvig Sophia dive
For the second day the divers were split up into two teams. One team stationed on the Bussard and the other on the Nordwind. The Bussard team was in charge for dredging the bow area of the wreck so that it was possible to have a small overview of it. […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 2

As a result of SDU’s commitment to provide cutting edge training and education to its students, the Maritime Archaeology Programme held a weeklong intensive hands on training session with the FARO Arm in conjunction with the 2010 FARO Arm and Rhino Archaeological Users Group (FRAUG) meeting.  This cutting edge technology […]

Recording in 3D

Gun in 3D
Frederik Hyttel, one of the students here at the Maritime Archaeology Programme in Esbjerg won our “HMS St George gun modelling competition”…- well, or just delivered an incredibly detailed model… You can download his model of an iron 12 pounder lifted from the wreck of HMS St George below. Frederik’s […]

Guns in 3D

The day started off with a small amount of pessimism about the weather.  The wind never really died, but we were fortunate enough to not have any rain.  Our first dive was cut short due to multiple simultaneous calls of nature, but the remaining dives seemed to be having a […]

Fieldschool Day 4

Arrival For a period of three weeks the Maritime Archaeology Programme, usually based in the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, is relocating to sunny northern Germany.  The class of 2008 along with professors, Jens Auer and Thijs Maarleveld arrived at Prerow on Sunday the 27th of July. The class is […]

Fieldschool Day 1