Prerow Fieldschool 2009

Maritime Archaeology Programme Fieldschool 2009 from Delia Ni Chiobhain on Vimeo. 18 days of fieldschool in 5 minutes… See Delia Ni Chiobhain’s new fieldschool movie, either here or in the gallery section…

Prerow - THE MOVIE

… and so are we… (I thought this last impression of Prerow Beach was a fitting picture for the last day). Home to Esbjerg after a lot of cleaning and clearing up. We certainly had a great time - perfect diving, exciting archaeology, a lot of motivation and good mood […]

Fieldschool Day 18

Today the total station arrived. We were all rather excited at camp by the idea of using the total station to get the exact location of FPL 17. Excited by the fact that the only total station knowledge we had was of using one in Thorsminde Denmark, for recording the […]

Fieldschool Day 17

It had been raining all night and it was still raining a bit when we got up, so it seemed to be a wet day. But as the other times with rain at night, this day turned out to be a warm day afterall. The main aim of the day […]

Fieldschool Day 16

It wasn’t forecasted to be so, but the day began with barely a breath of wind in the air and the sea was almost perfectly calm. Dredging was continuing on the Telephone Receiver Wreck and Sarah and Kostas were going to have to dig deep.  They weren’t to know it […]

Fieldschool Day 15

Today we began dredging around the shipwreck.  Our plan is to make three “trenches” around the ship: at the bow, the stern, and inside the ship at the mast.  Unlike a trench found on a land excavation, these trenches are more like craters, and they have a tendency to refill […]

Fieldschool Day 14

Another day with high sun and 30º c, luckily the wind changed direction to south east and toke of in strength and the waves got smaller. Todays tasks  was to measure the rest of the frames with UMA (Underwater Measure Apparatus) and to sketch internal structures of the wreck. We […]

Fieldschool Day 13

Today we were again blessed with glorious weather at the school site and the sea conditions were also favourable for diving. The aim for the first of the days diving on the ‘Telephone Reciever wreck’ (FPL 17) was to use the newly renamed Underwater Measuring Apparatus ® to capture the […]

Fieldschool Day 12

Another sunny day in Prerow. After breakfast we started making templates for measurings and description of the timbers under water. One of the templates were to fill in the curvature of the frames, this should be done using the invention known as UMA (Underwater Measuring Aparatus), as shown on the […]

Fieldschool Day 11

We had a very productive day today. The outline of our underwater wreck (FPL 17) was completed by Marja and Bente. They set up a measuring tape along the port side base line. Then completed the outline of the port side.  Thijs took sided and moulded measurements of some frames. […]

Fieldschool Day 10

Mike-Alpha-Papa Dive Ops… I woke up this morning and I thought it would be a rainy day, but it turned out to be quite nice. It cleared up and it became a beautiful day, full of motivation and optimistic thoughts. We started so early, but a few minor things seemed […]

Fieldschool Day 9

The sun has left us, instead of waking up to a blue sky, it was instead clouded and rain. As Theijs so nicely put it; the difference between land archaeology and maritime archaeology is that maritime archaeologist work no matter the weather (With a slight moderation when it comes to […]

Fieldschool Day 8