Maritime Archaeology Program

A "heated" discussion
After a regular start from Hellasgården (including a morning swim, porridge and all the perks of a 5:50 am wake-up) we arrived at the marina in Fiskesätra only to find its gates closed. After a short wait our patience ran out and to get things underway, we decided to use […]

ÄlgöWreck Fieldschool Day 6: Tag your planks!

Captain Sardine in action
After packing on an overcast Sunday morning we arrived in glorious sunshine at our accommodation in Missunde. Our home for the next three weeks is the local rowing club, who are kindly putting us up during our fieldschool. We arrived early in the afternoon in time to fire up the […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 1

It was said of old in The Havamal that, ” Wake early if you want another man’s life or land. No lamb for the lazy wolf. No battle’s won in bed. ” It is with this doctrine that the students of the Maritime Archaeology Programme of the University of Southern […]

Viking Sailors

As a result of SDU’s commitment to provide cutting edge training and education to its students, the Maritime Archaeology Programme held a weeklong intensive hands on training session with the FARO Arm in conjunction with the 2010 FARO Arm and Rhino Archaeological Users Group (FRAUG) meeting.  This cutting edge technology […]

Recording in 3D

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the lack of snow at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, with many asking themselves where on earth the snow disappeared to. Well, I know where it went…and that’s right here, in Esbjerg! Under the circumstances, there was only one thing to do, […]


Gun in 3D
Frederik Hyttel, one of the students here at the Maritime Archaeology Programme in Esbjerg won our “HMS St George gun modelling competition”…- well, or just delivered an incredibly detailed model… You can download his model of an iron 12 pounder lifted from the wreck of HMS St George below. Frederik’s […]

Guns in 3D

The day we were all going to know as St.George Rudder and the Cannons Day started very early, in fact way too early for most of the Maritime Archaeology students, but as dedicated students we sacrificed our sleep in (which never goes past 9:30 of course). After traveling north through […]

The St George Rudder and Cannons Day

Maritime Archaeology Programme Fieldschool 2009 from Delia Ni Chiobhain on Vimeo. 18 days of fieldschool in 5 minutes… See Delia Ni Chiobhain’s new fieldschool movie, either here or in the gallery section…

Prerow - THE MOVIE

The diving team (participants in the commercial diving course) of the first year students in the Maritime Archaeology Masters Programme had the first diver training week in Hemmoor Lake. It was the best team-building event ever! Yes, it was a little bit cold, and of course a little bit tiresome…But […]

Diving Week. Hemmoor, Germany

Having the task today of being the site director I had planned an ambitious day of diving. The main task of the divers was to establish a recording grid and maybe start recording. With An early start I wanted to do four dive and if possible a fifth dive could […]

Fieldschool Day 3

Halfway through our modeling course we made a first attempt to join the five different hull sections of the Princes Channel Wreck. On the one hand we wanted to establish the “missing link” between the bow and the hull of our ship and on the other hand we hoped to […]

Assembling a (Princes Channel) wreck…

As part of the syllabus this semester the students of the Maritime Archaeology Program are conducting model building of the remains of the Princes Channel wreck. The Port of London Authority discovered the ship in 2003 in the Thames Estuary during dredging operations and Wessex Archaeology carried out the excavation […]

The Princes Channel Wreck model building project