Commercial SCUBA divers

Another eight diving course graduates
To the next eight diving course graduates who successfully finished their course with the final exam today. Well done and keep up the good work! Watch this spot for more pictures and a blog about the course as well…

Congratulations again…

Last week, our freshly qualified divers participated in a one day diving project in Schleswig harbour. The aim was to conduct a survey of the recently dredged seabed and collect loose ship timbers which had been impacted by the dredger for the heritage authority of Schleswig Holstein. The German TV […]

Diving in Schleswig

Group shot after the last exam, 8 happy new commercial divers...
to our eight freshly graduated commercial divers who braved cold (very cold), ice (a lot of it), snow (some) and zero visibility in the winter diving course. Well done!!! From now on the water can only get warmer!


Nordwind at anchor
The day that went awry….. This was not the best day. To start with, two of the three small boats were not available, due to small technical problems. But backup was available with the third and the two larger vessels, the Bussard and the Nordwind, so the rhythm of loading […]

Hedvig Sophia Day 8

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the lack of snow at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, with many asking themselves where on earth the snow disappeared to. Well, I know where it went…and that’s right here, in Esbjerg! Under the circumstances, there was only one thing to do, […]


The diving team (participants in the commercial diving course) of the first year students in the Maritime Archaeology Masters Programme had the first diver training week in Hemmoor Lake. It was the best team-building event ever! Yes, it was a little bit cold, and of course a little bit tiresome…But […]

Diving Week. Hemmoor, Germany

At the end of May six - freshly graduated and tired but happy - commercial SCUBA divers received their licenses from a representative of the Danish Maritime Authority in Esbjerg after the last oral exam… Congratulations and well done!!

Diving for archaeology