David working on his Site 3 data.
Sunday night, as the students went to sleep, black clouds begun to roll up the Schlei and gather above Schleswig. The rhythmic tapping of the rain against the windows may have send some of us to a peaceful sleep but the thunder rumbling in the distance kept many awake. There […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Days 15-16

Day 14 brought the opportunity for the students from the SDU Maritime Archaeology Programme to take a break from diving and recording and take advantage of a research trip to the newest exhibit at the Schloss Gottorf Landesmuseen (Gottorf Castle Museum). The trip was very kindly organised for us by […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 14

Basic measurements of the plank were taken back at the dock in nearby Missunde.
At Site 3 again, Kielfot. The day started dividing the people in two groups: The side scan sonar team in the red boat (“The Red Lego piece”) and the diving team in the black boat (“Black Commando”). Meanwhile, the diving team was getting ready in Missunde, the sonar team started […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 13

We divided the group in two teams, side scan sonar (Athena, Miriam, Christian, Sigurd and Kristian) and survey team (Veerle, Julia, Adam, Mike and David). The sonar team went to the Site 1 to map the area; survey team went to Site 3 to make a survey from the land. […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 12

Minolta DSC
On Thursday, the team’s composition was changed in order to get yesterday’s house personal in the field. We returned to Site 4, Kockbarg. As soon as our first diver was conducting her first pendulum swing, she announced via coms that she held a piece of ceramic in her hands. The […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 11

Using the side-scan sonar to survey at Site 5.
As day 10 dawned, the field school had reached its half-way point. After finishing survey on a possible sunken and petrified Bronze Age forest in Fleckeby (Site 4), the team was ready to open a new site on the shoal of Kockbarg (Site 5), a location that could potentially hold […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 10

Site 4 is the red box at the bottom right of the map, and Site 5 is in the middle, just east of the Reesholm peninsula.
Based on the information we acquired from Site 4 yesterday, we have decided to approach our survey more directly today, to provide the team with some basic answers regarding the site. We wanted to know if the wood pieces we located were worked by humans – and therefore possibly the […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 9

The diver survey for the plank at SIte 4 was conducted from MAP's trusty red boat.
On Sunday August 9 we found an exciting object near the south-western shore of the Schlei, at Site 4. Our find was first described as a long plank with a length of more than 4 m. It seemed to be situated in a remarkable place and position compared to its […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 8

An overview of lovely Site 4 from the beach.
August 9, Sunday: Straight away we went to the Site 4 to look if we could find the pole structure we located earlier in the week and the wreck that was reported here in 1972 and 1990. We started at 8:00 dividing the team in two groups, boat and land. […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 7

The happy couple on their big day!
Good day and thank you for reading another post from the MAP Fieldschool 2015 at Schleswig, Germany. Today the gang took part in a research trip to the nearby museum of Hedeby (Haithabu). As the focus of this Fieldschool is to examine artefacts pertaining to the Viking Age, it was […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 6

Modern map with Kramer map overlay.
Today, August 7, the team followed the same divisions as yesterday: one group to Site 1 (Füsing River) and one to Site 4 (Fleckeby). At Site 1, we continued today in the search for Viking Age (AND other archaeological) remains in the Füsing River. Sigurd again served as site supervisor. […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 5

Veerle's cat like reflexes saved her from disaster!
Day four was filled with positive vibes and potential for lots of finds. The gang gathered in the ‘Situation Room’ for their morning briefing at 7am, eager to get going on the day. Sigurd gave his briefing for his planned activities at Area 1 of the Füsing river spot (part of […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 4