Knudedyb Project

Coming home from Knudedyb

Underwater Archaeological finds in the Danish Wadden Sea have not until now had very much attention. Experience along the Schleswig – Holstein coast and in the westernmost part of the Wadden Sea, however, shows that the dynamic environment has great potential for maritime archaeological research. The discovery of a medieval wreck just South of the island of Fanø near Esbjerg in April 2006 demonstrates this aptly.
In late April 2006, the trawler E4 Ho Bugt was fishing shrimp in Knudedyb, a channel south of Fanø. Its nets got caught in some wreckage which the crew chose to bring in and report to the Fisheries Museum in Esbjerg.
The pieces of wreckage turned out to be parts of a keelson, a frame and some planks. On closer inspection they appeared to be of medieval date. This was confirmed through endrochronological dating carried out by Aoife Daly. The timber for the keelson was cut in the summer of 1264 AD. The date was obtained using Northern German regional data, which may indicate the origin of the ship. The discovery in Knudedyb was later followed up by geophysical as well as diver surveys.

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