The rudder of St George

3D model of the rudder of St George (Brian Klejn-Christensen)

In December 1811, the English men of war St George and Defence stranded on the west coast of Denmark with enormous loss of life. Both wrecks have been subject of archaeological survey and excavation since the 1970′s. An exhibition in the Strandingsmuseum in Thorsminde displays artifacts from those surveys and tells the story of the disaster. One item on display is the rudder of St George which had been lost in the Baltic before the vessel foundered in the North Sea. In March 2009, students of the Maritime Archaeology Programme set out to record the rudder with a total station. The aim of this project was on the one hand to teach the use of a total station for recording objects and on the other hand to produce a 3D model as well as a scientific report on the rudder for use by the Strandingsmuseum. The outcome of the project will also be published in an archaeological journal.

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