Princes Channel Wreck

Diving on the Princes Channel Wreck in Horsea Lake

The Gresham ship, the wreck of an English merchantman built in 1574, was lifted from the Thames in a rescue excavation by Wessex Archaeology, a UK archaeological contractor, in 2004.
A webpage with further information on the excavation is available here. The shipwreck consists of five hull sections including the bow and the portside of the ship from a level above the keel to the orlop deck. It represents a unique resource as it is the only ‘well preserved’ example of a small English merchantman of the Elizabethan period. The Gresham wreck, which has been deposited in Horsea Lake, Portsmouth, is currently subject of a five year post-excavation programme which is co-ordinated by the University College of London. In addition to a full publication of the find, the study programme also includes the organisation of two international conferences. As a project partner, the Maritime Archaeology Programme of the University of Southern Denmark is responsible for the recording, analysis and publication of the hull remains.

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