Prerow Fieldschool 2009

Workboat over the site in Prerow

Our annual summer fieldschool took place in Prerow on the German Baltic coast, the “German Hawaii” as it was termed by one of the participants. Three weeks in sunshine and 30 degrees Celsius, diving on the so called “telephone receiver wreck” Not a very glamorous name, but a beautiful (as far as wrecks go) wreck site, located only 300m from the beach in 3.5m of water. The telephone receiver wreck turned out to be a ca. 20m long wooden vessel, which lay very well preserved upside down with the bow pointing towards the beach. The exposed part of the wreck was fully recorded during the fieldschool. A number of test trenches were dug to establish the height of the sand cover, but the end of the wreck could not be reached, even in an almost 2m deep trench.

By chance -we also got the chance to work on another wreck, the “4am wreck” (that’s when we excavated it on the beach), which had been found on the beach by tourists. Although only a small part of a probably quite well preserved wreck, a detailed study revealed a lot of interesting information. The “4am wreck” was a clinker vessel which had been rebuilt with carvel outer planking. Working with two teams simultaneously, one “telephone receiver team” at sea and a “4am team” on land, we could record the wreck in detail and dismantle it part by part.
We are now going to spent the autumn semester analysing our results and writing excavation reports as well as two scientific articles, one on each site. Regular project updates will be posted here!

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