Commercial SCUBA Diving Course

The Danish Commercial SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving qualification (SCUBA erhvervsdykkerbevis) entitles divers to work in depths of up to 30m using SCUBA equipment.

Despite of the international nature of commercial diving a worldwide or even European standard for professional diving qualifications does not yet exist. A list published by the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides the best overview over equivalence and recognition of professional diving qualifications. The Danish commercial SCUBA diving qualification is equivalent to the British HSE SCUBA certificate and recognised in most European and Commonwealth countries.

The Maritime Archaeology Programme Diving School is an associate member of the International Diving School Association (IDSA), an organisation formed to develop common diver training standards worldwide. Although not a full member yet, our course syllabus is based on the IDSA training standards (Level 1), and we are aiming to become full members in the near future.

Although tightly integrated with the masters programme, the commercial diver training is a voluntary option offered to students enrolled in the masters programme.

If you have any further questions regarding the commercial diving course, please contact us.