Course Syllabus

The course syllabus was developed on the basis of the IDSA diver training standards (IDSA Level 1). The course is divided into four weeks and covers both diving theory and practical diving.

  • Week 1: Introduction week with theory lectures and introductory pool sessions.
  • Week 2: First open water week in a quarry near Esbjerg. Theory classes, practical small boat and seamanship training.
  • Week 3:  Deep diving and skill building week in Hemmoor, a deep quarry in Northern Germany.
  • Week 4: Practical diving in Fredericia and other places on the Danish East Coast. Diving will be boat and shore based.
  • Week 5: Exam week.

Diving theory

Diving theory covers the following subjects:

  • Diving history
  • Diving physics
  • Diving physiology and first aid
  • Diving legislation
  • Dive planning, risk assessments and supervision
  • Decompression theory
  • Diving plant and equipment
  • Underwater work
  • Seamanship and small boat handling

Practical diving

The practical dive training will take place in a range of different locations in Denmark and Germany.

During the course students will spend at least 650 minutes of bottom time in open water at depths up to 30m. All open water diving is conducted using drysuits, Divator MKII full face masks and surface communication.

Practical training also includes dive supervision and tender duties, operation of diving equipment, small boat handling and seamanship.

Final exams

To obtain the commercial SCUBA diving qualification, applicants have to pass running practical assessment, as well as a practical, written and oral exam.