A database of all Master thesis projects written at the Maritime Archaeology Programme.

NameYearTitlePDF Download
Alexiou, Konstantinos2011Two 16th century ships: their hull form and performanceDownload
Bain, Natalia2015Images of MasculinityDownload
Bates, Sylvia2011The construction sequence of the Princes Channel WreckDownload
Cattrysse, Alexander2014Deviations in Northern-European carvel ship-buildingDownload
Chartzoulaki, Niki2013The distribution of obsidian in the Eastern Mediterranean as indication of early seafaring practices in the areaDownload
Cronin, Padraig2012Review of special interest wrecks inside the Danish legal framework and defining cultural management strategy for these wrecksDownload
D’Agostino, Katy2015Underwater engagement: The Importance of Collaboration in Underwater ArchaeologyNot available
Ditta, Massimiliano2014Ole Judichær and Danish naval ship construction and design in the late 17th centuryDownload
Fawsitt, Sarah2010Casks & 16th century trade in Northern Europe: a study of the cargo from the Drogheda BoatDownload
Grundvad Nielsen, Bente2010Converted clinker vessels from the 16th -17th centuryDownload
Heiðarsson, Davíð Bjarni2013Underwater heritage in Iceland. Assessment and recommendation regarding underwater cultural heritageDownload
Henry, Sandra2012Seafaring in Neolithic IrelandDownload
Hunniche, Tomas2009Mastefæstet i Nordeuropa 800-1600 e.Kr.Not available
Husum, Christine2009The submerged Stone Age landscapes around Bornholm: Reconstructing and interpreting a palaeolandscape – a discussion of an approach and its resultsNot available
Hyttel, Frederik2011Digital recording in maritime archaeology: Total Station, Rhinoceros and TermiteDownload
Karadimos, Georgios2010The firearms, edged weapons and parts from the uniforms on board HMS St. GeorgeDownload
Korre, Aristea2008Intercultural relations among the peoples in Eastern Mediterranean during the "Dark Ages"Not available
Kyprouli, Vasiliki2012The minor Boat F from the site of the ancient ships of PisaDownload
Lofthus, Liv2010Dammed archaeology. Usage of indicative models in the search for Stone Age sites in dammed up waterways in southern NorwayNot available
Logan, Margaret2013A study of a 16th-century wooden vessel from the NetherlandsDownload
Lonergan, Martin2010A collection of archaeological footwear from the HMS St. GeorgeDownload
Lunze, Jason2011Time onboard the Swedish Warship Vasa of 1628Download
MacLean, Kaitlin2016Analysis of the faunal remains from the MachaultDownload
Montgomery, Paul2009The province of Venus and Mars: the material culture of medical practice on the HMS St. GeorgeDownload
Neal, Jessica2015The Coinage from Vasa: An Archaeological Study of the Coins from a 17th Century Swedish WarshipNot available
Ni Chiobhain, Delia2011The arming of late 16th century merchantmenDownload
Perissiou, Dimitra2014A predictive model for wooden shipwrecks in the Greek marine regionDownload
Petrelius Grue, Marja-Liisa2010Dutch influence on early Scandinavian carvel-constructed shipsDownload
Ranchin-Dundas, Nicolas2012Three-dimensional (3D) recording of recovered shipwrecks. A general presentation and comparative analysis of digital recording tools recently used in nautical archaeology, along with a case study regarding the use of a C-­Track to record the Arles-­Rhone 3 shipwreckDownload
Santos, António Rocha2014Underwater archaeology in Portugal. Past, present and future perspectivesDownload
Stanek, Andrew Peter2011The Wittenbergen wreck: an example of flush-planked ship construction in northern EuropeDownload
Thomsen, Christian2010Reconstructing the lines of the Princes Channel ShipDownload
Vafiadou, Konstantina2008The preservation of submerged archaeological wood in the Mediterranean SeaDownload
Vico Sommer, Isger Manuel2011The development of underwater archaeology in the Bay of CadizDownload
Wagstaffe, Cate2010'Furring' in the light of 16th century ship designDownload
Werson, Joop2015Metal trade in the Baltic Sea: The copper ingots from Mönchgut 92Download