Bagenkop 2012: The last two days

// August 7th, 2012 // 2012 Fieldschool Bagenkop, Fieldwork Projects

The fieldschool team

21/2 long weeks of diving are over. We made the best of the weather and finished recording what we had planned yesterday. When the last sandbags were lowered over the site, the wind started to blow up and shortly after diving had become impossible.

The afternoon and the morning were used for cleaning, repairing and data processing, and now we are ready to leave. We had a great time in Bagenkop with a lot of local support and interest, so we’re hoping to present some of our results in the village in October.

First of all we’re very grateful to Øhavsmuseet for making this project possible at all and to Christian Thomsen for accompanying and supporting us throughout the fieldschool. We’d also like to thank the “Action Efterskole” for providing us with accommodation and facilities. Many many thanks go to Søren and the local divers for helping out, fixing pumps and providing us with a lot of support!

And last but not least, many thanks to all fieldschool participants for their hard work and efficiency!!! Excellent job!

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