Bagenkop 2012: Bagenkop: where both girls and boys are turned into men

// August 5th, 2012 // 2012 Fieldschool Bagenkop, Fieldwork Projects

Full speed recording - while eyed suspiciously. Photo: Massimiliano Ditta

If there is one thing a fieldschool does, it is increase the endurance, stamina, strength and most of all patience of the participants. The hauling of cylinders and heavy equipment transformed the divers into beings of utmost perfection. One might say it makes the inner primate in some of us surface.

For another day the brave divers faced a merciless ocean, but once again, without any hesitation or cowardice, they all jumped into the deeps of the Baltic. There they fought off waves of charging crabs in order to record every single detail of what by now has become the single thought on our minds: the Ågabet wreck.

The divers are working against the clock as a storm is brewing on the horizon. As for now however the prospects are good, progress is being made and it looks like we will manage to record the wreck both in top view as in cross-sections up to the ten meter line before the storm is unleashed upon us.

In tight formation the divers engage in close-quarter recording,  steadily advancing into the crabs’ ranks. Plank by plank, timber by timber, advancing towards the stern. The wreck will soon be claimed for the peoples candle revolution!


Alexander Cattrysse

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