Bagenkop 2012: False alarm!

// August 4th, 2012 // 2012 Fieldschool Bagenkop, Fieldwork Projects

Before the storm hits…

The Sun was shining while Bagenkop was waking up this morning, and the daily routine was exactly the same as any typical summer day. Birds singing, bees buzzing, monkeys jumping from one tree to another… With such a morning start nothing could go wrong, and nothing went wrong, something not very usual in our days here in Bagenkop. The dredging went on without a single pump breaking, the drawing of the wreck continued nicely and the timber recording was executed perfectly, by a Maltese determined to prove wrong all the ridiculous stereotypes that accompany Mediterranean people.

In the afternoon shift everything was running smoothly as well, until the dark clouds started surrounding us. For the safety of everyone we judged it was better to go back to the harbour. The big storm we expected turned out to be a light 10 minutes rain, but by then it was quite late to go back to the site. The bottom line however, is that even though we lost a dive, we are still going to manage and finish everything on time! :-)


Dimitra Perissiou

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