Bagenkop 2012: More timber drawing

// August 3rd, 2012 // 2012 Fieldschool Bagenkop, Fieldwork Projects

Our plan drawing progresses…

After having the site covered over by the storm on Saturday, drawing the timbers began at full speed. Most of the wreck on the port side, towards the bow has been drawn out and recorded. Being in the water for over two hours gets you a bit cranky, cold and hungry. In addition, drawing in the waves does not help, especially when the meter ruler sways from side to side whilst you are trying to read off the baseline. However, it is a satisfying feeling to know that the different areas drawn match when traced over and laid next to each other on the large permatrace.

Although 4 sessions of dives were planned the last session only lasted half an hour due to the down pours and strong winds that suddenly came blowing in from the south. Hopefully the weather will be clear tomorrow so that more of the wreck can be recorded.


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