Bagenkop 2012: Drawing and dredging…

// August 2nd, 2012 // 2012 Fieldschool Bagenkop, Fieldwork Projects

Drawing and dredging under blue skies

What can one do but accomplish as much as one can in terms of dredging sediments to allow the following divers to draw the respectable remains of this old gal lying on the bottom of the Baltic? Each exposed timber is subsequently recorded on a timber sheet and then drawn in plan view. All of us thus work in unison to lay the foundations for a proper understanding of this exciting wreck.

We work against mischievous winds who let loose drawing- and recording-unfriendly waves. Moreover, not even the total station can be operated to allow an alternate recording method given that the waves in the afternoon proved to be quite the bastards. So, we do what we can as we face uncertain, no, make it unreliable weather forecasts.


Dan Nicoles

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