Bagenkop 2012: Bad weather excursions

// August 1st, 2012 // 2012 Fieldschool Bagenkop, Fieldwork Projects

Training timber recording and waiting for better weather…

Due to southwesterly winds, we were not able to go out diving on the 31st of July. The waves were simply to big to get divers safely in and out of the water, or to get any work done on the bottom. Therefore we had a little practice in offset drawing and total station on land, on the lawn of Sydlangelands Maritime Efterskole, which is our home for the time that we are staying in Bagenkop. As a subject for our drawing endeavours, we used a piece of wreckage from a fairly recent wooden ship, which we had found washed up on the beach.

The following day, the winds had gone down and we went out confident that we would find our wreck as we had left it, as this had been the case after the previous storm. Unfortunately, nothing was farther from the truth. The wreck had been almost completely covered with sand again. Of the rudder, only 5 centimetres of the top still stuck out of the sediment. So we were back where we started and spend a large part of the day uncovering our ship again. Nonetheless, we had a good and quiet (as far as the weather goes, that is) dive day and were eventually able to continue recording the timbers and start drawing the site plan.

Caroline Visser

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