Bagenkop 2012: Working the lull before the storm!

// July 30th, 2012 // 2012 Fieldschool Bagenkop, Fieldwork Projects

Forced in by wind and waves, but at least we had a long morning dive

As site supervisor I woke up early to be ahead of the game, it was all sunshine and clear skies. The sky was such a liar. The team made good time to the boat, loaded with new equipment for the starting of the offset drawing. The first team of divers jumped in full of energy and enthusiasm to set up for the day. Baseline was set, two dredgers were placed and timber recordings were began. On the surface the sky was clear but there was a storm visible to the south, moving to the west, a good sign. The second team went down with just as much enthusiasm as the first. Offset drawing was started at the bow, because when possible it is good to start at the beginning and go on to the end (not to the rudder, but to the end of our stay). timber recording has come to the frames, which look large and solid, but as everything on this ship its not that simple. The frames are several components, nearly seamlessly fused together. The dredgers were busy clearing in the frame pockets, down to an in situ level, exciting to see what these areas turn up. The storm then turned towards us and those in the water quickly noticed as they began to sway back and forth as far as meter, hard to write on a paper when your hand sways whole meters. The rest of the day of diving was cancelled, and again we get to update the paperwork, but this also leads to good conversations on construction of the ship.
“A very excting wreck, completely different from what we expected!” - Jens Auer

Tori Hawley

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