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“Encounters in the Baltic Sea 1450-1850” – an archaeological conference in Køge, Denmark

// October 29th, 2010 // No Comments » // Conferences

Conference participants during a tour through beautiful Køge

The 3rd of October, a couple of students from the MAP went to Køge with the SDU MAP van. Their mission was to get even smarter in the field of maritime archaeology by attending this conference on naval conflicts in the Baltic in the light of archaeology and history. Their journey started on a cold morning 5.30 am at Hedelundvej. The van was full of sleeping students and the only sound you could hear (except the noise from a half-flat tire) was two people in the front talking German.

After about three hours the van had arrived to the hotel where the conference was supposed to be held. There were about 40 participants in the conference and most of them were involved in maritime archaeology. Amongst them were also two archaeologists from HUMA (Heritage Underwater Maritime Archaeology) which two of the first year’s students had helped in an excavation earlier this year. Every lecturer presented their work for about half an hour and the lectures were about everything from techniques used for shipbuilding to underwater excavations. Every lecture ended with questions and some discussion. Pauses with loads of free coffee were appreciated by most people, as the really tasty blueberry cake who was served in one of the breaks.

The two days of conference was not just about sitting and listening to lectures. A guided tour in the beautiful city of Koge was offered and the tour ended with a nice cold beer in a cozy cellar-pub.
The trip to Koge ended with a reception at the museum. This day was the 300 year anniversary of the explosion of the Danish man of war Dannebroge on the 4th October 1710. A nice exhibition had been made with models of ships and different findings from wreck sites. A lot of food, pastries, wine and beer were served on this special day. Right after the reception the students and their teacher got in to the blue van for new adventures and geophysics.

Sila Sokulu

Hedvig Sophia Day 17

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Empty plates and happy faces. Thanks to Slesvig Roklub!

The (supposedly) predicable weather was our theme for the day, as we delayed departure this morning in pursuit of favourable conditions. Luckily we were able to make it out and had divers in the water around midday, to continue the measurements and drawings for the bow and stern.

Both teams did well and, despite a camera crew being on board, we made some progress on our drawings. We meant to leave a little earlier today, as we were invited to the Slesvig Rowing Club for a viewing of the TV film about Hedvig Sophia and a barbeque. Despite inclement weather and a dinner date we made three sets of dives, especially important as we were unsure whether the weather would be suitable for diving the next day.

We drove straight to the rowing club, to be greeted by the wonderful smell of a barbeque….. starved (and somewhat tired) students (and one hungry professor) leapt on the opportunity to eat! Once gratefully stuffed, we sat down to watch the Hedvig Sophia film. Each group presented our progress to the club, Athena speaking for team Bussard and Fred for team Nordwind.

After a long day and a pleasant evening, we were back at work, processing our data from the day. We needed to be prepared for the next day, as we didn’t know if we would be able to dive. Just in case, we needed to be prepared and know exactly what we had to get to finish satisfactorily. Luckily, the evening of good food (and maybe a few beers) put us in good stead and we didn’t finish too late…

The whole team thanks the Slesvig Rowing Club for their hospitality, not just for this evening but for the three weeks they have been kind enough to house us. We are extremely grateful, as it has made our fieldschool possible –  and we certainly wouldn’t have been quite so comfortable anywhere else!

Sylvia Bates

High Viz and drilling platforms…

// September 24th, 2009 // 1 Comment » // Maritime Archaeology Masters Programme

Andrew looking professional in safety gear...

Andrew looking professional in safety gear...

During the summer (this post is a little late…) we got the chance to visit the drilling rig ENSCO 70, which was being refitted for a Mærsk contract in Esbjerg harbour. Esbjerg is developing into the Danish Offshore capital, and drilling rigs and platforms have become a common sight in the harbour.

Maritime archaeology is closely linked to the maritime industry sector, in methodology, and often in day to day tasks. It was therefore great  to get aboard a drilling platform and learn more about the daily life and routines on rigs and the production process.

Many thanks again to John Howell at Mærsk for making this visit possible!!

Jens Auer

Assistant Professor

Maritime Archaeology Programme