archaeological recording

An "excavation pair" in the trench...
In contrast to the last two days, the weather was rather nice this day. A soft breeze of 2 to 3 Beaufort allowed us to continue our work on the shipwreck and the ammunition trail. For me the day started not quite as planned because a fellow diver from Kiel […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 11

Mooring the Nordwind
Once again the day started early and the conditions did not look very promising. The winds were against us and the sea very irregular. However, we managed to be on site one hour later than usual, but still, better one hour lost than the whole day. With Nordwind refusing to […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 10

Artefact photography in action
Today was yet another sunny day with winds in an unfavourable direction. This time, however, the plan was not another museum trip, but a day at the office. We had enough finds to process, and to start it all we had Amandine to tell us how to take care of […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 9

Discussing finds on deck...
The day started well and ended even better. We were divided as usual into three teams, that is the Nordwind team, the Bussard team and the home team. Caroline stayed home with Amandine, Anders, Padraig Bjorn and Christian were put on the Bussard and Xenius, Veronique Andre, Tony, David and […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 8

Group shot in front of the "Ehrenmal" in Laboe
Today the weather didn’t mean it well with us. The wind was too strong to go out on site. We had to stay at the camp doing some other important things. First task was to document the finds lifted yesterday. An “almost complete” grapeshot and a “maybe-a-pommel-of-a-dagger-or-a-sword-thing”. After a little […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 4

Water exit after ballast stone removal
Calm clear harbour waters concealed the vicious turbulent seas which besieged our brave divers who battled against the forces of nature. The superb diving and archaeological skills which every diver in the Germany fieldschool possessed was needed in rough seas. But all tasks where completed when the last of the […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 3

On Nordwind...
Since I have been sick since arriving to the mainland last weekend I haven’t been diving with the rest of the team. After two days of cooking, shopping, cleaning and other domestic chores needed for the group it was nice to come out to the Nordwind to do some real […]

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 2