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Schleswig Field School Day 8

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Today started out a bit cold and windy. We spent the morning further exploring the west end of the structure, this did not yield much, but we did learn that the structure did not extend to the peninsula. The afternoon dives were spent doing circular searches at the east end of the structure where we found c. 20 meters more of the structure then was visible on the multibeam data. Tomorrow we are going to see how far we can follow this side of the structure.

Photo: View of out site, with our prisim buoy to the right and a shipping lane buoy on the left.

Schleswig Field School Day 7

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Today was a really hot day but thankfully that didn’t hold us back from having a productive day that went according to plan. We had two good dives in the morning doing circular searches to try and find the extent of the western end of the structure. We found timbers submerged in the seabed and more poles sticking out, which means that the structure definitely extends past the multibeam data that we have. The afternoon dives did circular searches even further out and we found more timber out there, it looks like the structure continues much further than originally known. Tomorrow we are going to change up the diving structure a bit to see if we can get in more swimmers and divers.

Photo: On the way to the site for the morning dives.

Schleswig Field School Day 6

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Many new timbers on the seabed, partly buried in the sediment, were discovered today. Seems like the structure extends way more to the west than we can see on the Side-Scan-Picture! Sunny weather with clouds for shade made it easy to be outside, and even the wind couldn’t stop us from continuing our well-going-dives.

Photo: Coming in to shore from the morning dives.

Schleswig Field School Day 5

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Friday the 13th may have seemed a little cursed. The day started off well with everyone on time for the morning briefing, at 7:30am. And the first diver was even in the water around 8:15. But while Carlos was exploring the depths the shore crew was having troubles setting up the computer for the total station. The cable to the total station and the computer mouse was missing. And no one could figure out how to open the QGIS project. In a stroke of luck the QGIS opened up the needed files and the cable and mouse were located in a box of face masks. The morning crew came in earlier than usual, around 11:20, and we proceeded to have an hour long lunch. After lunch the afternoon crew suited up and got on the boat but wasn’t able to head out right away due to the winch for the landing being broken. Niels and Katy sat geared up in the back of the boat while Nathan, Jens, Kostas, and Jan all worked to fix it. Eventually it was fixed and we headed towards the site, not even half-way there Jens decided that the strong winds from the morning had picked up so much as to make diving to difficult. Nathan, Niels, Jens, Kostas, and Katy all got to have a wild ride back to the rowing club. At the end of the day we had been lucky enough that Lene found existing structure 7 meters westward of the first known box. The early day also allowed us to work out some kinks in our daily routine. Many lists were made and things were organized. The compressor did break but luckily Doug, Carlos, and Sergei were able to fix it.

Schleswig Field School Day 4

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map for june 12th

The 4th day of the field school started out with bright sunshine and a light breeze blowing, thinking that the best conditions for both recording and diving were there. But the weather changed a lot during the day, shifted from good to worse in minutes with the effect that people were freezing in the boat or sitting inside the van to protect themselves from the cold western wind. Later divers were relaxing in the water and floating in their dry-suits with sun-glasses waiving to tourists.

The divers were reduced – so each day there is only going to be four divers exploring the site, as finding the needed positions at the structure can be a difficult task, as there is zero visibily and sometimes you have to feel around in the mud to locate the timbers, some think it’s easier to find the construction by closing your eyes.

After we had taken the points with the total station every second box was marked with a buoy. The intention of marking where every second box is located with buoys gives us the advantage of knowing where the diver is located at the structure, so in the further process the recording can reveal the hidden secrets of this Dannevirke construction

Photo: Map of the site using Multibeam data collected earlier and points we have taken using our total station and prisim buoy system (pink).

Schleswig Field School Day 3

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Day three of field school and everyone has tamed the green murk of the Schlei. The day was nearly perfect: cloudy and cooler in the morning with a little rain, then sunny and warming up in the afternoon. Another late day but we got a lot accomplished. The Total Station is inputting GPS points into the computer. Then we put those points into QGIS and have almost a real-time update of underwater points being taken by the dive crew. Two boxes of the underwater-structure were found and mapped, along with other outlining timbers

All and all another terrific day with the bowline knot boys Jens and Kostas!!!

Photo: Shoving off for the afternoon dives

Schleswig Field School Day 2

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A 28 degrees  day didn’t slow us down from doing our job. During the first dive lots of wood was encountered: loose wooden timbers, poles, box-like structures…the submerged structure was found! Sailing boats passing by and having no visibility made this job rather dangerous. On the land side the total station was prepared into the local grid system so we are ready to visualize the submerged barrier into a geographically referenced map. Preparations are made, field school is running!

Photo: setting up the references for the total station

Day One Schleswig field school

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We arrived in Schleswig in the afternoon and moved into the Schleswig rowing clubs new accommodations. It is a newly constructed beautiful building right in the harbour. We are very thankful for the club for being so accommodating, letting us stay, use their facilities and boats. You can find the rowing club online at :

After getting settled we launched our boat and took a look at the site with Jan and Martin from the Landesmuseum.  The water was a bit rough but warm. Unfortunately there was zero visibility and we will likely have to deal with that for the whole field school. Tomorrow we start finding the extent of the site.

Photo: View of sundown from the balcony of the Rowing club.

Offshore Industry and Archaeology Conference

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Esbjerg_flyer_both_0 International Conference and Networking Event

Offshore Industry and Archaeology: A creative relationship

Esbjerg, 14th – 15th March 2013

Links to conference material:

Conference Flyer

Conference Programme

Registration Form

Information Pack

Both 2011 Fieldwork Reports finally online

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Hedvig Sophia 2011

Hedvig Sophia 2011

Skjernøysund 2011

Skjernøysund 2011

Both of our 2011 fieldwork reports are now available here, as well as on our Issuu page.