Modern map with Kramer map overlay.
Today, August 7, the team followed the same divisions as yesterday: one group to Site 1 (Füsing River) and one to Site 4 (Fleckeby). At Site 1, we continued today in the search for Viking Age (AND other archaeological) remains in the Füsing River. Sigurd again served as site supervisor. […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 5

Veerle's cat like reflexes saved her from disaster!
Day four was filled with positive vibes and potential for lots of finds. The gang gathered in the ‘Situation Room’ for their morning briefing at 7am, eager to get going on the day. Sigurd gave his briefing for his planned activities at Area 1 of the Füsing river spot (part of […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 4

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A little well earned rest after a hard days work!
Another day of field school is in the books. Today was an excellent example of what one of the main purposes of field school is and that is a place to learn. The plan for the day was to continue the survey from yesterday of Site 2. The day started […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 3

“Underwaterarchaeology – Interdisciplinary research questions and technical innovation” April 22.-24., 2016, Dresden Find the call for papers here.

Call for papers: In Poseidons Realm XXI

Kristian practices his freediving with some assistance from Micahel.
Well the first day of survey, August 4, is in the books and our team is as excited by the results as they are exhausted from the work. The day started off with morning meeting where site supervisor Michael briefed the team on what they would be doing for the […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 2

Sigurd's proposed survey areas.
Hello and welcome to the University of Southern Denmark Maritime Archaeology Programme’s August field school! This season we will be working out of Schleswig Germany. The purpose of the work is to look at maritime sites from the Viking Age through the early medieval period in this area to try […]

Schleswig Fieldschool August: Day 1

Massimiliano Ditta used the Ågabet field school project to create the Virtual Pettu, a virtual learning environment which allows you to experience not only the reconstructed ship, but also the wreck and the excavation! Click on the image for a journey through time!

Virtual Pettu   Recently updated !

Schleswig Field School Group June 2015
The field school has come to an end and the boat set out for the last dives to retrieve equipment and do one last survey west of the peninsula. With total station points shot to align the dive team with the location of the survey from 1997; circular searches were […]

Schleswig Field School Day 17: Breakdown   Recently updated !

Location of Haithabu
The weather was not on our side today, with the morning scheduled for dives, the afternoon had to be cancelled due to strong winds. The morning was spent finishing up the descriptions of the boxes on Reesholm peninsula. Further samples for dendrochronology were collected from boxes 8 and 7 and […]

Schleswig Field School Day 17: Wrapping up

Blueview scan of the balcony on box 7.
The two mini teams set off early and the sun was shining! The Blueview team with Joakim Holmlund had a very successful day and collected some fantastic data! A big thank you to Joakim Holmlund and his family for stopping into Schleswig on their way up to the Mars project. […]

Schleswig Field School Day 16: Blueview   Recently updated !