A close up!
Over the last two days the survey south of the structure for anomalies has been completed using the circular searches south of each box and the recording for all the timbers which have been lifted has been completed. The anomalies south of the structure are mainly loose timbers and vertical […]

Schleswig Field School Day 7 and 8: Searching South

The last two days we have continued searching the area just south of the structure and working our way down the boxes using circular searches to look into the line of debris shown in the side scan data and lifting timbers for recording on land which seem to show significance. […]

Schleswig Field School Day 5 and 6: Timbers lifted!

Paddling to shore!
Another beautiful day in Schleswig was used to take a closer look –or rather feel- of the structure. The question was: what is going on South of the structure? With a line tied to a sinker and the diver holding on at the other end, the area was searched first […]

Schleswig Field School Day 4: Searching in Circles

The second dive team on their way out to the structure
The dives started early with the sun shining! Unfortunately a local fisherman picked up our bouy overnight…later to hand it back to us today to explain there was no name and we should make it clear that we are doing archaeological work and would like the bouy to remain there! […]

Schleswig Field School Day 3: Muddy Exploration

It was a gorgeous day here in Schleswig and the sun stayed shining all day! The group set out early today, one team out on the boat to start familiarisation dives with the submerged structure and the other group out to set up and orientate the total station so that […]

Schleswig Field School Day 2: Diving into the Dark!

How many maritime archaeologists does it take to setup a total station?
The group arrived yesterday afternoon after a short drive from Esbjerg down across the border to Schleswig where we are kindly being hosted by the Schleswig Rowing Club.  Everything unpacked, briefed, set up and tested, then out for some dinner and mojitos, after all…today was a non-diving day! After launching […]

Schleswig Field School Day 1: Let’s get started!

Last week our second year maritimers got the opportunity to know more about the Nationalmuseet’s conservation department with regards to wooden archaeological finds of a maritime nature. The class visited the storage facilities, discussed how finds are handled, treated and cared for, as well as learned more about Danish and European projects which aim at managing […]

Visit to the Nationalmuseet’s Conservation Centre in Brede