Fieldschool Ågabet

Recording team in the bow area

Recording team in the bow area

Our annual summer field school in 2012 was organised in cooperation with Øhavsmuseet, the Danish museum responsible for southern Funen and the Danish islands. It took place near the village of Bagenkop on the southern tip of the island of Langeland. During the field school the so called Ågabet wreck was partially excavated and recorded. The wreck had been discovered by a swimmer in 2010 and had been reported to the museum.

As a result of the field school, the wreck could be identified as that of the Finnish schooner Pettu, which stranded near Bagenkop in December 1893. One of the most interesting aspects of the project was the analysis of the design and construction of the Pettu, which helped to shed light on Finnish ship construction in the 19th century and the interesting phenomenon of the specialised Finnish timber trade under sail, which continued well into the age of steam.

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Massimiliano Ditta used the field school project to create the Virtual Pettu, a virtual learning environment which allows you to experience not only the reconstructed ship, but also the wreck and the excavation!

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