The Skjernøysund Wreck

SkjernøysundThe first of two field schools in 2011 was facilitated by the Norwegian Maritime Museum and took place on a wreck site in Langvika, a small bay near the island of Skjernøy in Southern Norway. The wreck was discovered by local sport divers in 2009 and reported to the maritime Museum. As it was partially exposed, recording prior to covering the site was suggested. During the field school, the Skjernøysund wreck was partially excavated and fully documented in situ. It turned out to be the remains of a large, clinker-built merchant vessel, which was constructed on the southern Baltic shore and lost on a voyage undertaken in 1394 with a cargo of timbers, lime and possibly cloth. The analysis of the ship’s construction and the comparative analysis with other contemporary finds turned out to be particularly interesting, as it helped to shed some light on the ongoing discussions around historical ship types in the late Middle Ages.

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