Presentations in the beautiful Grendehus on Skjernøy

Skjernøysund – Day 12 1

Presentations in the beautiful Grendehus on Skjernøy

The team seems to have reached their full potential in recording and drawing the shipwreck and a lot of recording has been done on the wreck today.

At the moment we work in groups of 2 divers, one recording timbers and one drawing the shipwreck in scale 1:10. At today’s debriefing we agreed to increase the workload from 4 dive groups a day to 5 dive groups and also continue the option of putting a third diver in the water, just to be sure we record the entire wreck with the same standard of detail as so far.

We plan to have the ship drawn after Tuesdays dive, so that we have time for further recording, such as making profiles of areas of interest.

This evening we also met up with people from Skjernøy, the Norwegian Maritime Museum, Mandal dive club , all sharing a great interest in the maritime archaeological discoveries of Skjernøysund. We heard 3 lectures on the subject and this gave us an opportunity to share our progress so far.

The great interest in our work and the shipwreck means a lot to us and we are very glad to see so many showing interest this evening, we feel very much welcome here.

We will also like say “Thank you very much for the cake” it is being very much enjoyed as this is written.

Kasper Sparvath

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