One of our nicest finds to date: a bone knife handle.

Skjernøysund – Day 10 1

One of our nicest finds to date: a bone knife handle.

Knifes, spoons and bones!

Was what got everyone excited today. A bone knife and a wooden spoon were both found in context today. Also more animal bones were found. The drawing and recording continued.

The main objective of the drawing team was filling in the gaps from the previous days. The first 7 meters was complete and the 8.5 meters mark reached with bits and pieces still to add.

The timbers keep coming with 150 already marked and more to be labeled. The first 45 have been done, frames mainly. The safety net of the recorders may be coming to an end and now its plank time.

The day was wet and windy. The compressor decided to have a relapse today. This time it was the 1st stage that took the hit and we are still waiting for the diagnosis. Can it pull through again?

The longest dive of Skjernøysund 3 by the SDU MAP team took place today much to the dislike of the boat occupants, driver and standby who patiently sat for 131 minutes in one of the not so glorious Norwegian summer days.

There was more baking in the house today, fresh home-made bread has become a norm for the Norwegian team. And the dinners are getting more experimental which has produced delicious results, chicken in a coconut milk mixed sauce. Yummy!!!

A long evening followed with much drawing, recording of timbers and artifacts occurred. Eleven o’clock is looming in and bed time approaches for the weary divers.

Sandra Henry

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One thought on “Skjernøysund – Day 10

  • Chris Martin

    Hi Sandra,
    Sounds like you are having fun scratching around the bottom of a lake in Norway. I must find out exactly where Skernoeysund is on a Google map.
    Have been on Hurtigruten on M/S King Olav from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. That was ages ago in 1986 and a great trip.
    I have a nice collection of Danish and Swedish Stone Age implements (mainly flint) which I found while working on farms such as Klintholm Avlsgaard on Moen, Storgaarden Kyndby – Krogstrup, both in DK and Ruuthsbo Gaard, Ystad in Skaane Sweden. Will be donating my collection to a small outback museum in Northern N.S. W. as I can not take it with me when I go to greener pastures. Can send you photo(s) if interested.
    Keep up the good work, and I’ll try and follow it on your website.
    Cheers….Chris Martin.
    P.S. I live in a small seaside town called Old Bar on the Mid North Coast of N.S.W., OZ.