Diver briefing on Per's pier

Skernøysund – Day 7 1

Diver briefing on Per's pier

Once again the evening has surprised us with its sudden appearance, and our scheduled and unscheduled tasks alike are done for the day. Or at least we hope they are. As previous contributors to this blog have touched upon, the early starts and late evenings is a brutal reminder about the luxury and comforts of the more flexible schedules we enjoy in our lives as students. The helpful and friendly attitude of the locals also keeps appearing whenever we break equipment, are in need of further equipment, need to get our vans dragged up slopes by tractors (repeatedly) or when our cars aren’t where we expect them to be. Despite an interesting day in regards to some of the logistics we managed to finish sooner than most other days, which resulted in a lovely walk to the sea in the evening sun.

The actual task we came here to do, excavate and record a wreck sited in Langvika by Skjernøysund in Mandal Norway, seems to be going well. At this stage we are mostly done with the uncovering of the main body of the wreck, which means that we can fully focus on the recording.  There are still an unknown number of pieces from the wreck hidden in the sediment, but we already have much to work with and little time to do it in.

The product of the recordings will be scaled drawings so that one can assess all material we have available as it lies on the seabed and thereby hopefully be able to understand what we are looking at. As the work of the uncovering has progressed and we have been able to see more and more of the wreck the interest and enthusiasm about the site has increased within our group, and there are quiet discussions about what the wreck could be, although any mentioning of ship-type and age are quickly stilled by our lecturers in fear of ruining a proper archaeological process with excited wishful thinking.

Now that proper baselines in place (after the re-tries were replaced by even more re-tries and finally completely re-done), we can ensure that it will be lacking proficiency with pencil and paper along with poor buoyancy control, and not the methodology and stuck cars that provide any future delays in our daily schedule.

Tord Karlsen

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