During the MAP Freshers Day treasure hunt

Start of a new semester

During the MAP Freshers Day treasure hunt

At the beginning of our first week at the MAP in Esbjerg, there was an introduction day filled with information, quizzes, plenty of beer and a barbecue. It all started in the auditorium where we got an overview of the Maritime Archaeology Programme.

After that we were in the hands of the second graders. My group started with a quiz which felt really hard in the beginning, but then we got some beers and the questions became a lot easier after that. We were later dropped in front of the swimming pool in town to start our treasure hunt. After walking around all of Esbjerg and searching for answers, we managed to find the pub, Paddy goes easy. There we got together with all the other groups who were already sitting in the pub and having a beer. The same evening there was a barbecue party on campus and we enjoyed a really nice meal with a lot of food. Everyone seemed to have a good time and there was a lot of mingling about diving,
speculations about teachers and other topics.

Sila Sokulu

Maritime Archaeology Programme

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