Ladby 2

The Ladby ship reconstruction launched

On Saturday, May 14, several MAP students watched as the reconstruction of the Ladby ship was launched into the fjord at Kerteminde, on the island of Fyn. Music and cheering saw the vessel, named Ladby Dragon, cast off on its maiden voyage.

After being buried in the grave mound of a local chieftain ca. AD 925, the original ship is no longer – the wooden hull is gone, and only iron nails and rivets remain. Drawings made by Vibeke Bischoff of the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde were based on the pattern of these preserved parts. The new ship was built at the Viking Museum Ladby over the last several years by volunteers, based on these drawings.

You can read more at the museum’s website:

More on the reconstruction project (in Danish):


Ladby 1

Ladby 3


Ladby 2

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