Getting ready for the last dive of the day...

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 14

Getting ready for the last dive of the day...

The day started bright and early in our beautiful camp in Schilksee in Kiel fjord. Now I’m not quite sure if my fellow students have told about our facilities here. We live in tents, which after two weeks of sun, rain, wind and most other types of weather, are in very different conditions. Some of us live in cheap tents bought in Fakta for 20 dkk to fancy tents that cost a lot more. Those in the cheap tents have very little space and have covered them with some plastic covers while the expensive tents are holding out a bit better.
This morning was a quite wet one, yesterday it rained like there was no tomorrow and everything was still wet. Then it started raining when we were about to leave. Perfect start of the day!!!
We had decided that there was no more work for the Bussard any more so we have moved part of the Bussard crew to the Nordwind and part to land to try to keep up with processing finds (and not working on that until 11:30 in the night). That meant we decided to send an extra diver in the water from the Nordwind to do small tasks outside the trench, which has become a bit like our second home.
The Nordwind showed up a bit late this morning since they had some scheduled check from the authorities (which they passed with flying colors, what a class boat we have), it seemed like the day was not going to well for us in the begining.
BUT the fearless leader of the day kept his head up high, changed his plans several times during the day (but always kept a plan) and because of great people serving as his minions everything went as planned. The dredging is close to finished, it would have been if we didn’t have to expand the trench because the line we had used as a baseline for the trench is not over the keel where we want to end. So we have to expand the trench 0,5-1 metre further.
We got a visit from the German TV station NDR where they came to film me and André work underwater and then they chose the most handsome and smart looking of the team (me) to tell them about the finds we had found during the day.
The minions on the Northwind worked like a well oiled German engine and even though we had some rain today the people on the two overloaded boats sailing from the Nordwind to Strande harbour had huge smiles on their tired faces.
The land team out did everyone else by processing all the finds that had accumulated AND finding time to make the most amazing sandwiches we have had YET.
To end a great day we went to the local restaurant, Luzifer, and had the meanest buffet with great food. Now we are finishing the last chores of the day, scaning dive observation sheets, planing tomorrow and writing site directors blog.

Bless bless elskurnar mínar
The Icelandic Ballast Monkey (IBM)

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