Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 12

Excavation on the wreck of the Hedvig Sophia from Maritime Archaeology Programme on Vimeo.

A short video of the ongoing excavation shot with our helmet camera. The divers uncover a clay pipe.

A day where we thought we would be at the mercy of the weather gods half-way through the day and call off dives at noon, but as so often before expectations were proved to be wrong, only to have the operations shattered by minor difficulties, that was unsolvable on site.

The dives from Nordwind went without glitches today, the changes were quick and efficient and the divers were on their toes in the water, taking up a good amount of finds. Amongst other things a leather bag that contained a load of musket shots, along with a piece of belt.

Besides a close call for explosion, which came with a careless placing of a gas can in close proximity to the exhaust vent from our pump, the day only contained one debilitating failure, after several days of small problems with the pullstring of the compressor, it finally decided to snap in a position where it could not be fixed with a quick knot. This resulted in having to call operations to a halt early, as we ran out of filled cylinders. This however gave us a good opportunity to get a head start on the finds recording for today.

At writing moment the cooking team has just announced dinner so I will go and grab a well earned bucket of grub.


Anders Callesen

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