An "excavation pair" in the trench...

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 11

An "excavation pair" in the trench...

In contrast to the last two days, the weather was rather nice this day. A soft breeze of 2 to 3 Beaufort allowed us to continue our work on the shipwreck and the ammunition trail. For me the day started not quite as planned because a fellow diver from Kiel let me down – or rather my well thought out diving schedule that I had made the evening before. Since he didn’t like the idea to use the SDU-Divers equipment instead of his own, he refused to dive from the Nordwind (where all divers are supposed to use the SDU equipment) and went on board of the Bussard. So I had to reschedule my plan. But apart from the knowledge that we receive and the improvement of our diving skills we develop another skill that is vital for archaeologists, the ability to improvise. Therefore five minutes after I learned of the mutiny a new plan was made…and in the end all went well…
Okay, that short description doesn’t really tell of the great work that was done today by all our team members, on sea as well as on land.
The crew on the Nordwind, represented by Jens, Holger, Padraig, André, David, Xenius Caroline (around 12 replaced by Jasmin) and myself, continued dredging the trench that was set through the ballast stone pile. As on the days before a number of new finds were made. Among them a complete barrel stave made of wood and a leather shoe.
The divers on the Bussard, Veronique, Dominic and three divers from Kiel did an awesome job as well. In one day they managed to document, clean and film the second, almost 35 m long ammunition trail.
Today Anders and Toni were assigned for land duty, to do the usual routine of cleaning, preparing sandwiches, shopping and cooking. Beside these tasks they did also a good amount of work in the office under supervision of Amandine, processing the finds that we brought up the day before.
In short, we had a good day of hard work . Well done lads and lasses.

Bjørn Meinhardt (Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel)

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