Discussing finds on deck...

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 8

Discussing finds on deck...

A claypipe in it's leather case, one of our recent finds

The day started well and ended even better. We were divided as usual into three teams, that is the Nordwind team, the Bussard team and the home team. Caroline stayed home with Amandine, Anders, Padraig Bjorn and Christian were put on the Bussard and Xenius, Veronique Andre, Tony, David and I were on the Nordwind, David transfered to the Düker after his dive. Everything went as planned on the Nordwind and there were some interesting finds like a whole clay pipe, a broken up barrel and an almost complete shoe. Everyone managed to do one dive each but after Tony and I dived the winds had picked up and it was time to head home, Jens and Holger will have to leave the diving for another day. As for the Bussard team the mission remained the same which was to record the ammunition trail. When we had all arrived back on land we packed the van and made our way back to camp where we filled out observation forms, debriefed and ate lots and lots of ice-cream. The processing of the finds will be done tomorrow as the winds have decided to show their strength once again Leaving us no choice but to stay on land. Amandine will go through the necessary procedures of find conservation. A quick swim and a lovely barbeque was what finished our day and everyone seemed satisfied with both the finds and the food. Lets just hope that the winds give way a little so we can get back in the water. Like artefacts if we stay too long out of the water we dry up and become unrecognizable.

Dominic Tomasi

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