Group shot in front of the "Ehrenmal" in Laboe

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 4

Group shot in front of the "Ehrenmal" in Laboe

Today the weather didn’t mean it well with us. The wind was too strong to go out on site. We had to stay at the camp doing some other important things.
First task was to document the finds lifted yesterday. An “almost complete” grapeshot and a “maybe-a-pommel-of-a-dagger-or-a-sword-thing”.
After a little mutiny the diving team decided to leave their Site Director…me… at the camp to go shopping and have a nice “Currywurst” in Laboe. From the nearby war memorial, which includes a 2nd World War U-boat, they had a nice view over the Kieler Fjord. While the diving team had that really exhausting day I kept on working hard at the office… sure.
The day ended up with an “even-hotter-than-hell” curry that probably would have been hard to digest even for indian stomaches.

Jasmin Loose

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