On Nordwind...

Hedvig Sophia 2011, Day 2

On Nordwind...

Since I have been sick since arriving to the mainland last weekend I haven’t been diving with the rest of the team. After two days of cooking, shopping, cleaning and other domestic chores needed for the group it was nice to come out to the Nordwind to do some real work. The weather was excellent, sun, 0-2 m/sec wind and very calm sea. Everyone’s spirits were high and we were ready to rock. The mission on the Nordwind for the day was to keep on the work from yesterday, moving ballast stones to make the trench. The composition of the stones closer to the middle was different than around the edges. Bigger stones seem to have been loaded closer to the middle, which made the work harder for the divers. As one of the divers said “We moved ALL the stones from the basket, even the very heavy ones”. Also it seems like we are going through the part where the mess might have been since there is quite a lot of bricks there with evidence of burning.
In the end of the day the trench was looking very promising and after Jens and Holger went mad on the rest of the stones and cleared them magically away the trench was ready for measuring and then dredging. The trench seems to have quite a bit of finds and today we lifted a piece of a leather shoe.
On the Bussard things were happening to, they had found both the trails and started working on the longer one. They have established a base line and they record every artifact found there (and there is plenty) by measuring the distance on the baseline and the distance from the baseline for every find. Today they measured 10 meters, which is around 3 meters per dive.
That is all for today from sunny Germany.
Auf Wiedersehen

David Bjarni Heidarsson

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