2011 Fieldschool Norway

Norway Fieldschool 2011 from Maritime Archaeology Programme on Vimeo. A Movie by Edgar Wroblewski We’re home again, after three tiring, exciting weeks in Norway. Very soon we’ll begin processing all the data and producing our fieldwork report, but before that a little teaser in the form of Edgar’s Hollywood production- […]

Skjernøysund – Home Again

Finalising our "Master Plan"...
That was really long day (and the shortest night of the year).Daylight was gone for only 1,5 h.  Coincidently again the day, I was the site director, ended in the lighthouse. But let’s start from the beginning… Today we scheduled the dive number ‘0’. Before student divers entered the abyss, […]

Skjernøysund – Day 18

Barrels on the seabed...
With only four working days left it is time to take state of affairs. By now only a small area in the north western corner of the wreck remains to be recorded and added to the plan. From the morning it was therefore the object of the day to finish […]

Skjernøysund – Day 17

Drawing on the wreck...
As the weather kept on changing we kept on diving. The day would mostly offer rain but 4-5 meters under the surface that did not bother us very much.  The 1:10 drawing was coming along nicely and there were not many areas of the wreck that had not been covered. […]

Skjernøysund – Day 16

The Skjernøysund Wreck after excavation from Maritime Archaeology Programme on Vimeo. Another intense day is about to reach its end, as so will soon do our journey. Almost five days before we go back and it’s easy to read the tiredness in everybody’s eyes. Breakfast becomes more and more silent, […]

Skjernøysund – Day 15

A note for the loved one...
Our to-do-list for today has been completely checked off. We managed to fill in all of our gaps on the drawing of the keel and labeled it. A profile drawing has been made on seven meters on the wreck and we have now moved our lines so that the drawing […]

Skjernøysund – Day 14

Kasper, the standby diver entertainer...
The day started with the earliest dive ever at 7.25, posing the basis for a very productive day. Later on a dive team of the National Maritime Museum of Oslo, which is supporting our fieldschool and stay, joined us for a short dive and inspection of the underwater excavation going […]

Skjernøysund – Day 13

Presentations in the beautiful Grendehus on Skjernøy 1
The team seems to have reached their full potential in recording and drawing the shipwreck and a lot of recording has been done on the wreck today. At the moment we work in groups of 2 divers, one recording timbers and one drawing the shipwreck in scale 1:10. At today’s […]

Skjernøysund – Day 12

Cylinders and the charging of them have become a common theme...
The sun has settled, and so, finally, have we. The day has passed with surprisingly few problems, and for that we are grateful. Yesterday our compressors stopped working, so again we find ourselves at the mercy of the local dive club and their facilities.  I believe it is safe to […]

Skjernøysund – Day 11

One of our nicest finds to date: a bone knife handle. 1
Knifes, spoons and bones! Was what got everyone excited today. A bone knife and a wooden spoon were both found in context today. Also more animal bones were found. The drawing and recording continued. The main objective of the drawing team was filling in the gaps from the previous days. […]

Skjernøysund – Day 10