Massimiliano Ditta used the Ågabet field school project to create the Virtual Pettu, a virtual learning environment which allows you to experience not only the reconstructed ship, but also the wreck and the excavation! Click on the image for a journey through time!

Virtual Pettu   Recently updated !

Schleswig Field School Group June 2015
The field school has come to an end and the boat set out for the last dives to retrieve equipment and do one last survey west of the peninsula. With total station points shot to align the dive team with the location of the survey from 1997; circular searches were […]

Schleswig Field School Day 17: Breakdown   Recently updated !

Location of Haithabu
The weather was not on our side today, with the morning scheduled for dives, the afternoon had to be cancelled due to strong winds. The morning was spent finishing up the descriptions of the boxes on Reesholm peninsula. Further samples for dendrochronology were collected from boxes 8 and 7 and […]

Schleswig Field School Day 17: Wrapping up

Blueview scan of the balcony on box 7.
The two mini teams set off early and the sun was shining! The Blueview team with Joakim Holmlund had a very successful day and collected some fantastic data! A big thank you to Joakim Holmlund and his family for stopping into Schleswig on their way up to the Mars project. […]

Schleswig Field School Day 16: Blueview

Blue or grey?
Dredging continued today and the full southern part of boxes 7 and 8 are now exposed ready for the blueview scanning tomorrow, including the ‘balcony’ extension of box 7. Amazingly a full 7 layers of timbers have been excavated down into the sediment on the SW corner of box 8. […]

Schleswig Field School Day 15: Excavation

The first task of today was to collect more samples for dendrochronology from the structure on Kockbarg; three successful samples of oak were collected, which should hopefully provide a definitive date for this part of the structure. With these samples we are not only looking to date the structure to […]

Schleswig Field School Day 14: Phantom Dredging

Eyes through the total station
The main focus for the day was to obtain samples for dendrochronology of the new struture on Kockbarg. Many of the timbers in this area are soft wood which is not useful for dendrochronology, so therefore more samples will need to be taken tomorrow. However, whilst searching for samples the […]

Schleswig Field School Day 13: Dendro Day!

With the divers out early this morning we were able to map more of the newly found structure on the sandbar, Kockbarg, further east and further south west with intact and in-situ connections which is great news! With pendulum search sweeps further north towards the shipping lane, its evident that […]

Schleswig Field School Day 12: Reesholm and Kockbarg

Waterproofing a total station
The weather turned today which made surveying and shooting points extremely difficult. Not only was the wind strong enough to drag the boat on the anchor but also push the bouy and prism away from the diver, making all points shot over a metre off! This was made worse by […]

Schleswig Field School Day 11: Wind’s a blowing

Survey points extending for approximately 1.5km.
Today more timbers from the easternmost anomalies were investigated and the teams’ conclusion pointed to an amazing discovery! The original assumption was that we were working on a minor defense structure just south of the peninsula in what would have been an area of shallow water crossable by foot and […]

Schleswig Field School Day 10: Breaking News!

Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler Data of the wreck from Innomar sediment sonar survey.
Today we moved off of the structure and went to survey a nearby wreck to obtain information on the state of sediment coverage and protection. The date of the shipwreck is still not confirmed but samples will be taken in the coming week for dendrochronology to hopefully provide a date. […]

Schleswig Field School Day 9: Discovery!

A close up!
Over the last two days the survey south of the structure for anomalies has been completed using the circular searches south of each box and the recording for all the timbers which have been lifted has been completed. The anomalies south of the structure are mainly loose timbers and vertical […]

Schleswig Field School Day 7 and 8: Searching South